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Essays by Stacy Schiff

"Véra Nabokov Was the First and Greatest Champion of "Lolita"
The New Yorker (March 2021)
"Anger: An American History,"
New York Times (December 2015)
"First, Kill the Witches. Then, Celebrate Them."
New York Times (October 2015)
"The Witches of Salem: Diabolical doings in a Puritan village"
The New Yorker (September 2015)
Book review of Penelope Fitzgerald: A Life, by Hermione Lee
New York Times (November 2014)
"'Voltaire in Love': An Ardent, Intellectual Affair"
NPR's "You Must Read This" (January 2011)
"Indelible Portraits of Women's Lives"
The Wall Street Journal (December 2010)
"Cleopatra's Guide to Good Governance"
New York Times (December 2010)
Goddess, Queen, Celebrity: 11 Iconic Images Of Cleopatra And Why They're Wrong
Huffington Post (November 2010)
"Will the Real Cleopatra Please Stand Up?"
W (October 2010)
"Still Under Cleopatra's Spell"
The Wall Street Journal (October 2010)
Faber Finds: Harold Nicolson's Some People
Faber (July 2010)
"Cleopatra's Comeback"
The Daily Beast (June 2010)
Book review of Yours Ever—People and their Letters, by Thomas Mallon
New York Times (November 2009)
"Who's Buried in Cleopatra's Tomb?"
New York Times (April 2009)
"'Ulysses' Without the Guilt"
New York Times (February 2007)
"One Latte, Hold the Milk"
The New York Times (February 2007)
Book review of Madame de Staël: The First Modern Woman, by Francine du Plessix Gray
Slate (November 2008)
"We'll Always Have Paris"
Gourmet (August 2005) [PDF]
"One Nation, With Niches for All"
New York Times (June 2005)
"Four Centuries and a Cloud of Dust"
The New York Times (February 2005)
"Saint-Exupéry Lands at Last"
The New York Times (April 2004)
Book review of Raising America: Experts, Parents, and a Century of Advice about Children, by Ann Hulbert
New York Times (April 2003)
Pennsylvania State University (1999)
"Annals of Domesticity: The Runaway Mother"
The New Yorker (November 1997)
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